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The Library will be closed on Sunday, June 16, in celebration of Father's Day.

Local History Collection

Collection Description

The Library has collected items and documents of local interest throughout the years.  Initially, many of the items now in the Local History Collection were used as ready-reference materials. Other materials were kept because of an appreciation for their future value as records of a specific time or event in our community. This collection consists of newspaper clippings, records relating to the Library, ephemera, programs of events, booklets and publications created by various Carol Stream groups and businesses, a slide presentation about Carol Stream history, a scrapbook of Citizens of the Year, and a number of maps. Some photos from the Local History Collection are now available through

A significant part of the Carol Stream Local History collection has come to the Library through a generous donation made by local author Jean Moore. The Jean Moore Collection consists of the materials Mrs. Moore gathered as an active citizen of the community, while doing research on her book, Build Your Own Town: The Carol Stream Story, and for various other writing projects. This collection includes numerous newspaper clippings, articles created by Mrs. Moore, published census records for DuPage County, and documents of the Carol Stream Women's Club and Keeneyville Firemen's Auxiliary.

The small Louis Bruketa Collection consists of documents relating to Mr. Bruketa's tenure on the Carol Stream Public Library's Board of Directors circa 1966, newspaper clippings, and a very small number of documents relating to the Village of Carol Stream.

The Bicentennial Collection is a record of the community's activities to celebrate the Bicentennial of the United States. This collection consists of Minutes of the Carol Stream Bicentennial Commission, correspondence, a scrapbook with numerous photographs created by Village Clerk and Bicentennial Commission member Margaret Ann Fonvielle, and some published pamphlets about the Bicentennial.

The Photographic Collection consists of both amateur and professional photos of the building of Carol Stream homes and public buildings, events, and citizens circa 1958 to the present. The bulk of this collection is concentrated in the early 1960s. The photographs are arranged in a rough chronological order in two albums, with a set of aerial snapshots and pictures of the undeveloped land in an archival box. Photos donated by Jay Stream's Durable Construction Company, Jean Moore, and Library Director Lynn O'Dell make up this collection.

Entire newspapers and large-sized clippings from local papers are also preserved in a rough chronological order in boxes designated for the safe storage of newsprint. The dates on this collection range from 1959 to the present. Carol Stream anniversary editions of local papers are found in this collection.

Other related records held by the Library, but not designated as the Local History Collection, include newsletters and papers from Carol Stream, recent census records, and various local government documents. A Reference Librarian is always available to answer questions about the library's holdings.

Rules of Use

Because the Local History Collection consists of original materials that may be unique or delicate, the Library asks users to follow special rules of use to ensure the preservation of the items. Everyone who uses the Local History Collection must abide by the following rules.

  1. Materials must be used at the Reference Desk. They may not be taken anywhere else in the Library.>
  2. Only pencils may be used (no pens).
  3. All containers and personal effects including brief cases, purses, notebooks, and coats must be placed on the floor. A Reference Librarian will supply you with paper for notes.
  4. Food and beverages are not allowed.
  5. All materials must be handled carefully. They must not be leaned upon, marked, bent, or torn. Their existing arrangement must be preserved. Sheets must be turned in order and kept neatly in the folders. Please report to the Staff any error in cataloging, dating, or filing.
  6. Photocopying of documents is self-service, but photographs may never be copied.
  7. No items are available for checkout.
  8. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright that may be involved in his/her use of manuscripts and other materials.
  9. All materials must be returned to a Reference Librarian.
  10. The Protection of Library Materials, Article 16B, states that the theft or vandalism of library materials is strictly prohibited and illegal. Violators may be subject to fine and/or misdemeanor or felony prosecution, depending on the value of the materials damaged or stolen.
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