Once Upon A Time

Fun! Magic! Prizes! June 1-August 12

The Enchanted Library

 Is there really a dragon in the Library? Did the Library transform by magic, or was it just industrious Library elves? Decide for yourself as you experience the all new, enchanted Camp Hiawatha. All summer, we’ll be exploring tales as old as time—and their modern-day equivalents. We’ll celebrate fairy tales through music, arts and crafts, games, and reading. Beginning June 1, join one of our three reading groups: 

Kids (Babies-age 12)

Drop by the Youth Services Desk to pick up a book log. For every 200 minutes you read, you'll get a prize and an entry into our Grand Prize Drawing! Stop by anytime this summer to check out the Grand Prize Baskets you can enter to win. But it's not all about reading...we're planning tons of fun (and free!) activities this summer. Check out our calendar!

Teens (Age 13-18)

Are you ready for a Summer Challenge? For every 200 minutes you read, you'll receive a free book to take home and an entry into a drawing for the Teen Grand Prize Basket. Plus, we've got plenty of fun stuff planned for the summer, like a Fortnight Tournament, a rock concert, and a coding class, in addition to Teen Book Talks and Anime Club. 

Track your reading minutes in one of three ways: 

Adults (Ages 18+)

Last year, 300 adults completed over 6,355 summer reading bingo squares. This year, we have a twist on the classic game that will challenge you to read and explore the Library in new ways—and earn you chances to win an Adult Prize Basket. No registration is required—just pick up a Bingo card at the Adult Services Desk or track your Bingo online at beginning June 1. (If you track your progress online, you'll still need to come in to claim your prizes!) 

And remember: If you don't feel like completing an activity on the bingo sheet, you can always attend a program instead (just bring your sheet to us to get credit). We're hosting magical (and informative!) programs all summer long. Check out our adult calendar here. 

Family Prize Drawing

Our Family Summer Reading Drawing will feature a family membership to the Morton Arboretum, along with other goodies!


  1. One adult must complete and turn in one bingo row in the Adult Summer Reading Program.
  2. One child or teen must complete and turn in 200 minutes of reading.
  3. Bring the completed adult bingo card to the Adult Services Desk to receive an entry to the drawing.
  4. One entry per family. Entries due by August 12.

Who was Hiawatha?

Hiawatha was one of the co-founders of the Iroquois League. He lived sometime between 1100 C.E. and 1400 C.E. in the area east of Lakes Erie and Ontario. He was possibly a leader of the Onondago, or the Mohawk, or both. Hiawatha was a follower of a Huron prophet called the Great Peacemaker (Deganawida), who envisioned the unification of the conflict-ridden Iroquois nations. Hiawatha and the Great Peacemaker worked with Jihonhsasee, known as the Mother of Nations, to form a Great Council comprised of leaders from the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, and later, the Tuscarora. The Great Council not only ended the raids, wars, and feuds between the tribes, it also strengthened trade and allowed the tribes to form a unified front against European invaders. The Great Council, now known as the Six Nations, still convenes and exerts influence in western New York.