History and Social Studies

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These databases are available from outside the Library using your Carol Stream Library card and pin number.

Search for maps.

America the Beautiful (Grolier)

Learn about the geography, history, people, economy, and government of each state.
Search archives throughout the world, including those at local institutions such as the Evanston Historical Society, the Newberry Library, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Locate articles on business, science, humanities, and popular culture.
Search full-text back to the first issues of the Chicago Tribune. Once on the basic search page, select the Historical Chicago Tribune from the Database drop-down list.
Locate articles from scholarly journals.
Access this eBook reference collection covering business, health, history, literature, science, and more.
Access U.S. government documents, including Congressional documents, judiciary materials, and documents issued by executive departments (Defense, State, Labor, Office of the President, etc.).
Find your ancestors in Census records, genealogies, local histories, and military records.
Unique interactive e-book versions of titles from the True Book series feature high-interest topics in the fields of science, nature and social studies.  Streaming videos, related content, project ideas, etc. make the reading experience come alive for children in grades 3- 5
Search full-text articles from over 2,300 popular magazines, professional publications, and scholarly journals.
For information on individuals, see Biography Resources.
For information on specific countries
Browse or search for detailed cultural information on more than 200 countries.
Discover country and cultural information with this comprehensive business travel, telecommunications and business culture reference tool.
Encyclopedias are also a valuable source of information. See Encyclopedias