Account Text Messages

Introducing: Shoutbomb


Shoutbomb is a text messaging service which allows you to use your cell phone to receive text notices about:

  • Items you requested which are available for pick up
  • Items approaching their due dates
  • Items that are past their due dates
  • Items that are eligible for renewal (Shoutbomb will also let you renew eligible items from your phone!)

What do you need to get started?

  • A mobile phone and wireless service that can send text messages to an e-mail address. You don't need a smartphone to use Shoutbomb.
  • Your library card barcode & PIN

PLEASE NOTE: Choosing to receive text messages does not replace the email or mail notifications you have been receiving from the Library. This service is an additional method of managing your Library account. 

How to Sign Up for Shoutbomb

  1. Send a text message to the
  2. In the body of the text type: SIGNUP and then send the message.
  3. Shoutbomb will send you a message asking for you library card number and PIN. 
  4. Text back with your card number and PIN when prompted.
  5. Shoutbomb will ask for your e-mail address. If you prefer not to provide your e-mail, type NONE instead of your e-mail address when prompted.

The Library does not charge a fee for this service, but your mobile phone plan’s regular text messaging rates apply.

Basic commands

All Commands must be sent to

Your messages from Shoutbomb will prompt you to respond with optional commands including:

  • HL: Get a list of holds that are ready for pick up.
  • OL: Get a list of overdue items.
  • RL: Get a list of items you can renew.
  • RA: Renew all eligible item.
  • RI: To receive a list of items that are coming due, but cannot be renewed.
  • IOWEU: To see the amount of current fees/fines.
  • HELP: Text the word HELP and the command you need help with to receive detailed instructions. For example, "HELP DROPCARD" or HELP NOTICES."

For more information

To get further instructions click here to access the Shoutbomb brochure.